The Origin of Locum

The Latin translation of the word Locum, or Locum Tenens is “to hold in place of” or “one holding in place”. It refers to a person who temporarily fulfills the duties of someone else of the same profession, usually a cleric or physician. Though this word appears to have disappeared from the cleric circles, it is still widely used in the medical field, as “standing in place of another” medic is a pervading and necessary feature of the profession around the world. It is commonplace, therefore, to hear the term “locum doctor.

A Message from the Manager

Hello, my name is Charles Martey.

Just like you, I am a professional with the desire to market my expertise, and make profitable use of my time. As a medical officer, I have done quite a bit of temp work known as “locum tenens” in the medical circles. It has become apparent though, that there is very little organization when it comes to this undoubtedly plausible arrangement, which ensures continuity in healthcare provision even in the temporary absence of the medic on duty. Unfortunately, this disorganization has led many healthcare facilities to lose confidence in the locum system, viewing it as a “last resort”.

One major concern has been that locum doctors seem to be on the fringes of governance, with little to no accountability in relation to the outcome of treatment, procedures and prescriptions given to clients. Due to the fact that locum shifts are “as and when” for many facilities, they afford themselves very little time for background checks, and hire based almost exclusively on word of mouth. This eventually affects revenue generation, as lack of competence necessitates referral of cases that could otherwise have been managed with the facilities available. Locum tenens is regarded as a secondary source of income for medical professionals, and rightly so. It is quite disheartening though that many perceive that to be the only motivation. We thus acknowledge the need for a service that bridges the gap between locum healthcare professionals and clients.

This is why I put pen to paper – to create a solution. In a moment of epiphany, two questions came to mind: (1) Does this solution necessarily have to be limited to the 4 walls of a health facility? (2) Are there other professions that could benefit from the concept of locum tenens? Building this panacea – an online and digital service that connects validated professionals to clients requiring their expertise for temporary, short-term and one-time jobs – has been a joy as it has been challenging. However, seeing how Locum Professionals has helped rethink the use of your time and expertise, while helping keep the wheels of healthcare and other professions spinning, it is hard to think of a better use of my own time. I urge you to keep striving to be the best version of yourself, and we’ll set up that meeting between You and Opportunity.

Charles Martey, M.D.

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How Locum Works

  1. Sign Up: Create an account using Google, Facebook or Email.
  2. Find a Pro: Enter the professional title or keyword description of the job.
  3. Make Job Offer: Select professional and make job offer.
  4. Pay for Service: Make payment to Locum when professional accepts your offer.
  5. Confirm Job Complete: Click to confirm to Locum Professionals the professional has completed the job.
  6. Review & Rate: Rate and comment on your professional.
  1. Sign Up: Create an account using Google, Facebook or Email.
  2. Become a Locum Pro: Create a professional profile – upload CV, valid ID, licenses and professional portrait photo.
  3. Accept Job Offer: Click Accept when you receive a prompt from Locum Professionals about a job offer.
  4. Complete Job and Confirm: Clock in and clock out. Complete the job at scheduled time and confirm complete.
  5. Receive Payment: Receive your payment.

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